If we all come from big stars that bang, why do only some of us get to play celebrity? 

Visionary Notes Coach
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Amani Olugbala is a dynamic speaker, performer, educator, writer, consultant community organizer and urban farmer. 

Visionary Notes Coach is hub for Amani’s community organizing projects, creative inspirations and more offering a mix of Writing Tips, Life Coaching, Social Justice Education, Original Artwork and Ways to Get Active in Your Community!



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Please visit my official website for more music, written and spoken word. Click here Starlight. 

Do You Know How Many Hats I Wear?

Do You Know How Many Hats I Wear?

“Hats” available on iTunes, TIDAL and everywhere you listen to music! 2 weeks ago Kat So Poetic and I (KATANI),...

Soul Bites 01

Soul Bites 01

Currently harvesting: Rainbow Chard & Medicinal Herbs Planning: October Community Workday, Garlic Planting, 2017 Growing Season Brrrrr Fam, And Happy Fall...

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