“Art Flows” 4 Young Creatives

Every Friday in July of 2016 my friend and co-organizer Ramon Lee and I had

 the deep honor of facilitating creative expression workshops with teens from the City of Albany. This magic was made possible through the city’s Summer Youth Employment Friday Enrichment series.

Some of the topics that have come up are”Art-ivism”(Art+Activism), Lincoln’s motivation for ending slavery, artistic muses, the Harlem Renaissance and wanting to dance.

See some of the beautiful work the young people wanted to share for yourself:


We pull out our phones

to see whats going

on, without opening

our eyes to see on

our own.

We must not be


We need to stand

up for each other,

stand tall with

one another

before they take

us down one by


-Jade G.


Dancing is hard I rather be

Sleeping or Driving a car

Riding my Bike or doing some art.

Now don’t hate me cause

I can’t dance, I do me & that’s how my car goes & that’s how

I do me & that’s how my art flows.

Now find you & how you do.

Find how your car goes & that’s

how your Art Flows.

I feel like  dancing but I’m surrounded by a crowd.

I feel like dancing because the music is loud.

I feel the rhythm in my veins, I feel it beneath my feet.

I feel the need to dance circulating all though my body.

I feel like breaking free of the barriers

and just strip and dance to I cant

Feel anymore.

-Shaquare Caldwell

-Shaquare Caldwell

I feel like dancing but my body won’t let me

All these thought sin my head making my mind heavy

I’m trying to stay focus on school and keep it steady

I swear I’m trying, I really am I swear

Sometimes I think the only reason I’m living is because of air

I’m one of a million.

-Shaquare Caldwell

-Shaquare Caldwell

I’m like why? Why can’t we walk our streets without getting harassed by cops and getting shot by their heats.

I’m like why? Why my kind gotta get killed and beat, TBH I’m done with this country I just wanna leave.

I’m like why? Like why why aways in my mind  I  don’t have no time for games no time to cry

I’m like why?

Created by Anais LaFontaine in response to "Aint We Fly" by poet Daniel B. Summerhill

Created by Anais LaFontaine in response to “Aint We Fly” by poet Daniel B. Summerhill

A youth collaboration piece. Drawing and words on bottom half inspired by words on the top.

A youth collaboration piece. Drawing and words on bottom half inspired by words on the top.


Society telling tall girls they take up too much space, and short girls weak and adorable.

Society looking down on the uneducated, and the uneducated teasing the intelligent with words like “nerd” …which shouldn’t be neglecting or downgrading but it is used that way.

Society telling natural black girls to straighten their hair while all the white girls wanna curl theirs.

Society advertising impossible perfection.

Society wanting everyone to look like human barbie dolls.

Society pinning the media against young minds. Insatiable . Society is never satisfied.  IMG_2058





Click this link for even more amazing art from youth from the Capital Region.



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