Do You Know How Many Hats I Wear?

itune“Hats” available on iTunes, TIDAL and everywhere you listen to music!

2 weeks ago Kat So Poetic and I (KATANI), got the same idea to remake “Role Modelz” by rapper J. Cole. The idea hit me while brushing my teeth and vibing with Shauntay SoulFlower on Tuesday morning. It came to Kat the very next day. We spoke and freaked out about it on Wednesday night and recorded our line-by-line, cadence-crafted reply the following Sunday. We knew it was meant to be and Kat was adamant about getting it out to peoples immediately.


We had been taking a closer look at many of our “problematic faves” ever since we started collaborating on a hip-hop feminism EP titled”Fuck Boyz & Beats”. “Hats” is our first single off the project and is now available to receive your hot love and emotion, endlessly!

Naturally, round the Solstice, I keep reminiscing and reflecting on this year and what wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been let go from my temp position this summer or if I had taken that second job of my dreams in the begining of the year. The time for this work and these words has been now for a while, but if I wasn’t there to listen and receive them, where else could I have found satisfaction and fluidity. What than this could be more fulfilling? I wonder…

More about the Femcee duo KATANI here. I’m still working on our website but please check it out and subscribe to our newsletter to stay ahead of the class with that exclusive Misogynah content. Cuz you is lit and you deserve it.


I can only dream about next steps for KATANI and Amani O+ but I do know I need more Black, queer, femme voices in our world. My people need it, too many people I love and don’t know yet need it, so we here. For as long as it takes to blow the whole house down. I am grateful for the work. I am grateful for the many faces of community building from CAAMI to Soul Fire to Nitty Gritty Slam.15621998_1362845967093235_7484716856168222626_n

It’s funny, I’m still in disbelief over how good, beautifully diverse and genuine this Nitty Gritty space feels to me. I have watched it morph into a creative spot like no other in the Capital District. Please slide through and bless us with your presence if you haven’t already. Click here for facebook details on our next event. It’s a game tournament/open mic pre-party to the concert on Saturday 01/07/17.

Oh my goddess!!! I’m soooo looking forward to The B.L.A.C.K. Party. I feel it in my chest I’m so overwhelmed just thinking of the power to be held within that space. Black Lives A Creative Kaleidoscope. Don’t that just tantalize yo spirit?!


Today, I am grateful for the audacity to dream. I believe that this work, creativity and community building, hold the key to freedom. What’s your truth? You betta speak!

Peace and Speculation,

New Amani O+ Content:

Publication: “The Alt” interview Coming Tuesday December 26th

Events: Revolution Radio Dec 30th, B.L.A.C.K. Party @ Savoy on Lark Jan 7th

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My Recommendations aka Lit List:

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