Amani O+ Poet & Femcee

Screen Shot 2015-10-29 at 10.01.12 AMWe are each so incredibly gifted and talented. We live in a sea of creation and inspiration and it is our duty to use our powers to impact change and create the worlds that we want to see.

I have been gifted with rhythm, cadence and words. Depth. A philosopher’s mind and an insatiable hunger to know more. Show more. I have been gifted with ease and comfort with emotions: a gateway to empathy and connection.

I do with word what hips do with dance, what beauty does with flower. It is nature. It is natural. And I feel as much used by the word, as I do that I use words. I am their tool more than they are mine. I am a vessel. We are the message. We are the orchestra. This is my ode, just one layer of the symphony. Please play along.


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Amani O+

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