Notes on Freedom Video

(Voice of Amani/Nina from the Freedom Music Video)

Freedom by Taina Asili y La Banda Rebelde feat. Michael Reyes is THE ANTHEM.

Freedom is the language of my squad, the song of the righteous. It paints the fringes of our dreams and haunts every moment we shy away from fighting for justice.

Freedom, by definition is the belief in Love. It is the manifestation of dignity and hope and knowledge of self and so we as a family, struggle on because it is a crime to condemn people to ignorance and to keep them from waking up to the repressive truth. It is a crime to silence the marginalized, quieting the voices of those most pained by crimes of war and impede their growth and independence.

Shut it down!

Freedom Filming @ Troy Dance Factory

In his verse Michael Reyes spits:

“We fight for those things that we can’t change, so we sing, Freedom of the Mind. Freedom of the Soul…Battle for the Seeds and the Future that we Sow.”

Because, while the premise of the previous paragraph is true (that the voices of those most affected by oppression must be highlighted in order to begin dismantling it, the opposite still happens all over the country.

From the offices to the big screen to local school board meetings,  we find ourselves and our stories misrepresented.

And thus it is an honor to have been called to the path of this music video and the personification of that spirit of Resistance against race based tyranny, told by the freedom fighters ourselves. The people in the video had already become family from the fight long before the day of filming.

I am blown away with the amount of coverage this#BlackLivesMatter anthem has garnered in just a matter of day. However, I am not at all surprised and hope only that the video goes further.


Preview screening @Taina’s MLK Rising Show

I pray that it inspires, challenges and stirs something in every soul that sits with it. And while I love to act, this music video was not an acting gig, it was a channeling of an innate and powerful source the same source guiding us all to our Nia.

A servant to abolition and to my people, I am here to offer myself in all capacities that uplift the spirits and consciousness of the marginalized. I am here to offer my vibrations to those who are committed to the life fight for justice.

“It is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”- Assata Shakur

As a peace warrior, truth speaker and change maker I am honored to bring life to art drenched in Black Lives Matter with Taina y La Bande Rebelde, Michael Reyes and Gaetano Vaccaro. The struggle for Freedom is multilayered. Here is one of our collaborative contributions:

Be Love. That’s Peace & Power.

-Amani Olugbala


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