Why a Renaissance Circle?


We are amazing. And talented and fun! Why not create our dreamland where we encourage each other, offer entertainment to ourselves and our families that promotes the values that we hold dear and that paints us in the light we see ourselves in? Why not create intergenerational spaces to share wisdom across barriers and involve all the different kinds of people who hold the vision. Why not connect intimately and radically with those want to create a revolution based in love empathy and goodness?

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The struggle is real, but Never was there a need to struggle alone. I cannot and am uninterested in doing this alone. I am not capable. I ain’t get here dolo and I’m not going anywhere without yall. “We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality. Tied in a  single garment of destiny.” – MLK Jr.

Build A Garden

One of the main purposes of a Renaissance Circle is to connect peeps who are already doing the good work to each other and to those who are looking for them as well as to discover what tools folk need to support them in creating the change they see as necessary in their lives. Individuals and organizations who are interested in the values of anti-oppressive intergenerational community building, outdoor engagement, food & wellness and art with a freedom philosophy.

Please contact me here, via email amani@visionarynotescoach.com or through the visionary Notes Coach website.
Peace Love & Movement,



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