Soul Tribe Eats

Soul Tribe Eats uses art, wellness and cultural education to dismantle environmental racism and food apartheid in the South End and larger Capital Region.

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An outgrowth of the work I did with Grand Street Community Arts via YO! Youth Organics, Soul Tribe Eats continues a tradition of supporting youth in community service, self-direction and artistic expression. Soul Tribe Eats is a grassroots program that focuses on creating solutions based on the structure of participant’s homes, daily lives and the items otherwise available to them.

Sweet Carrots & Sweet People

Sweet Carrots & Sweet People. Youth Participants and Founder enjoying farm fresh produce.

During my time at YO! we successfully established a teen stewarded program incorporating art, cooking, civics and the mentorship of elementary age children. In 2016 we continued to build on this foundation with the development of the Soul Tribe Garden located at 367 Sherman avenue.

Soul Fire Summers

Soul Fire Farm Summers

Working in partnership with the Albany Social Justice Center and Albany City, Soul Tribe Eats offers a 5 week summer engagement program for youth of the Capital District. Get in touch today for more details about age restrictions and deadlines.



Soul Tribe Eats is committed to creating a network of intergenerational community programming with residents and stakeholders. A network that increases avenues for artistic expression and capitalizes on the immense social and physical benefits access to nature has on children and adults.

Soul Tribe & Social Justice Center Summer Youth

Soul Tribe & Social Justice Center Summer Youth

Soul Tribe Eats aims to continue the work done in 2015 in the attempted development of a stage at the flagship garden in order to showcase local talent, highlight the beauty of the neighborhood and bring diverse groups together for wisdom & skill sharing.

Amani & Dan of Soul Tribe Eats

Amani Olugbala & Dan Lyles of Soul Tribe Eats

Leah Penniman friend, mentor and inspiration said it best:

“If we are to create a society that values black life, we cannot ignore the role of food and land. I believe that black people’s collective experience with slavery and sharecropping has created an aversion to the land and a sense that the land itself is an oppressor.

The truth is that without good land and good food we cannot be truly free.


The Freedom Food Alliance represents one important voice among many insisting that the senseless deaths of our black brothers and sisters by all forms of violence—police shooting, diet-related illness, economic marginalization—must end.

Owning our own land, growing our own food, educating our own youth, participating in our own healthcare and justice systems—this is the source of real power and dignity.” – Radical Farmers Use Fresh Food to Fight Racial Injustice and the New Jim Crow

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Peace, Peas & Power.

With Love,

Amani Olugbala
Founder and Co-Director

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